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About Firemetrics

Firemetrics is a spin-off from the innovative Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (IKIM) at the University Hospital Essen.

Our journey began within the university's Smart Hospital initiatives, under the visionary leadership of Professor Dr. Felix Nensa. With a heritage steeped in pioneering healthcare technology, we've grown from an idea into a leading force in healthcare data interoperability.

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Firemetrics Team

The Experts Driving Healthcare Transformation

Our core strength lies in our diverse and seasoned team of professionals. Comprising adept software developers, medical informaticians, physicians, data scientists, strategy professionals, and entrepreneurs, each of our team members brings a wealth of experience to the table. We are united by a shared mission: to revolutionize healthcare data integration and application of the FHIR® data standard.

Our Experience

Shaping the Future with Expertise and Insight

Our roots in the medical data integration landscape are deep and wide-reaching, particularly within the hospital environment. At the University Hospital Essen, we have orchestrated one of the most extensive FHIR repositories in Germany, boasting over 1.5 billion resources.

We handle data compledicites with mastery and pioneer indiviualized solutions to meet the intricate needs of healthcare providers.


Our Mission

Achieving Healthcare Excellence through Innovation

At Firemetrics, we navigate the labyrinth of hospital data, transforming challenges into opportunities for improvement. Our mission is to enhance operational workflows and elevate patient care through customized software solutions. With our expert guidance, our clients unlock efficiencies, foster data-driven decisions, and help shape a future where technology and healthcare go hand in hand.

Our Vision

To revolutionize decision-making in healthcare

We envision a world where real-time decision-making and seamless data flow underpin a superior healthcare experience.


With each innovative step, Firemetrics aims to increase patient safety, improve efficiency in patient care, save providers billions, and revolutionize decision-making in hospitals and beyond.

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