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Firemetrics for Health IT Solutions Developer

Innovative FHIR Solutions for Healthcare Pioneers

Developing software in healthcare across can be daunting, frustrating. You need to integrate with legacy systems, comply with regulatory standards and create high-speed solutions with complex data.

Our suite of FHIR solutions will elevate your development and give you a technological edge.

Firemetrics for Developers
Firemetrics Simplified Architecture

FHIR Server

The intricacies of the FHIR data model and API - Easy to learn, but difficult to master. Firemetrics offers you solutions for any challenges you might encounter with partial dates, logical references, or linkages. 

From developers, for developers. 

Relational FHIR Model

Developers who can already query an RDBMS and have a basic understanding of the HL7 FHIR data model will benefit from our relational FHIR API.

Create complex SQL queries in seconds with Firemetrics' developer tools, such as our No-Code Builder or our handy Speech-2-Query tool "Flame". Easily generate a boilerplate, and simply fill in the interesting parts of the query yourself.

Firemetrics Architecture
Firemetrics UI/UX Tools

UI/UX Developer Tools

Firemetrics gives you the flexibility to combine your relational queries with graphical elements such as charts, gauges, or tables as you wish.

Creating web-based dashboards with definable permissions is straightforward and user-friendly.

The Firemetrics Architecture for Health IT Solutions Developers

Firemetrics Architecture. Relational FHIR Engine and high performance FHIR Server
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