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Firemetrics for Hospitals

Unlocking Efficiency and Enhanced Patient Care

In hospitals,  critical data is often siloed across many disparate systems, leading to significant inefficiencies in patient care, operations, controlling, research, and management.


Firemetrics introduces a state-of-the-art FHIR-based interoperability solution designed to bridge these gaps, enabling seamless data sharing and real-time, cross-system analytics. 

Firemetrics für Krankenhäuser
Firemetrics Analytiklösungen für Krankenhäuser

Empower Your Hospital With Advanced Analytics

Developed using over 1.5 billion FHIR resources at one of Europe's leading SMART hospitals, Firemetrics leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver:

  • Real-Time Insights: Facilitate improved patient outcomes and streamlined operations through immediate access to comprehensive analytics.

  • Cost Efficiency: Save substantial time and resources, reducing operational costs significantly.

Anker 1

Use Cases 

The Firemetrics engine connects all relevant data storing systems in an organization and enables complex analytics queries. In that way, we can realize dashboards with real-time data like you've never seen before. 

Our interoperable analytics platform has many different use-cases in hospitals, such as: 

  • Controlling: Get live-views about all relevant KPIs in your organization, such as current patient load by department and insurance status. 

  • Clinical Operations: Finally be able to see all relevant patient information across a ward, all relevant patient information (lab results, radiology results, documents, etc.), and more in real-time and in one place. 

  • Department Insights: Oversee all relevant KPIs for your department, e.g. current and historical scanner utilization, as well as time-to-report in your radiology.

Firemetrics Controlling-Lösungen für Krankenhäuser
Firemetrics Lösungen für die Forschung

Super-Charge Your Research

Firemetrics revolutionizes hospital research by enabling advanced many-to-many queries across diverse data systems. This capability allows researchers to effortlessly link complex datasets, such as multiple patients with multiple conditions across various treatment protocols, enhancing the depth and breadth of research insights.

Utilizing a robust relational FHIR model for intuitive, SQL-based data analysis, Firemetrics accelerates the discovery of actionable insights, significantly improving research outcomes and efficiency. 

The Firemetrics Architecture for Hospitals

Firemetrics Architektur
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